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Happy New Year

Happy New Year



So as 2018 comes to a close I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Years!  We hope you all had a very special holiday season this year.  We have had a lot happening in our family and wanted to send out an update.

Jerry is still working at Envision Mechanical Engineers as an Associate.  This year he has traveled to RI and AK for Factory Trips.  This year in AK he went fishing and caught 40lbs of Halibut.  It’s been delicious eating it and coming up with new recipes.


I’m still a Para Educator at Cherry Creek High School.  I have had a lot of medical testing done this year to hopefully find a cause for all the problems I have been having.  Besides appointments and working I have been working on my genealogy and blogging.  It’s something I thoroughly enjoy.


Patrick (23) is living in Arizona.  He went into the Job Corp this year and graduated from there with experience in Manufacturing Technology.  While in Job Corp he met Samantha (20) who was there and graduated at a CNA. Patrick has asked Samantha for her hand in marriage and she accepted.  They will have a small Justice of the Peace Wedding in March 2019 in Arizona.


David (20) is stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado.  He is currently serving our country as a Mechanic in 10thSFG(A) in the Army. This year he traveled to Germany for a short 6 month assignment.  While there he visited the BMW and Porsche Museum.  While in Germany he bought 2 1973 Dodge Chargers. They are going to be a lot of work and effort but he’s looking forward to it.


Jasmine (18) is living at home working Full Time and going to school Full Time.  She isn’t sure on her major as she’s changed it a few times. At this moment, an English Teacher is what she’s thinking of doing.  Whatever she decides to do, she’ll be great!  She loves reading and watching Netflix on her downtime.


Allison (15) is a Sophomore at Cherry Creek High School.  She’s enjoying being the wrestling manager this year.  This will be her 2ndyear doing it.  She’s considering a career in cooking or interior design but as a Sophomore she doesn’t have to have anything set in stone.  Our school district is opening a school for students to take specific courses to make sure this is really what they want to do with their lives.  I think it’s a great idea.  Allison will meet with her counselor in January and make sure this is something that’s really for her!  In her spare time she likes You Tube and some coloring for relaxation.



June of 2018 my parents celebrated 50 years of marriage.  As a family (the girls, Jerry & I) we traveled to California and put together a nice party for them.  After that, my brother’s and I (and families) took my parents to Catalina Island for a few days as their 50thWedding Anniversary Gift.  It was there the girls got to lay at the beach, spend time with cousins, aunts/uncles, and grandparents.  The girls and I went parasailing, and I’ll tell you I had a BLAST! It was quite scary while you were going up, but once we are all the way up, it was very peaceful and beautiful. That was something on my bucket list I crossed off this past summer.  Next on my bucket list will be paddle boarding.  I can’t wait to do it this summer in Colorado.



This year we gained two animals and lost one.  Tank joined our family in May/June of this year and when he was a baby.  We had to name him something appropriate since he was going to get huge!  Just a few weeks ago we said goodbye to a faithful friend, Socks.  He had a long life with us and because of health issues he had to put him to sleep. It was a rough day!  Then we added Lucky to our family.  This is Allison’s kitten.  Our family is big and I’m grateful!

Tank and Lucky looking at each other for the first time.
Saying goodbye is always hard to do.

Our family wishes you a safe, healthy, and happy 2019!


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