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Grandpa’s Words Of Wisdom

Grandpa’s Words Of Wisdom

Walk tall and smile more. You’ll look 10 years younger.

Don’t be afraid to say, “I love you”.  Say it again. They are the sweetest words in the world.

If you have love in your item the future will be ever better and better

Return those books you borrowed.

Reschedule that missed dental appointment.

Clean out your closet.

Take better care of yourself.  Remember you are all you’ve got.  Pass up that second helping most of the time.  Vow to eat more sensibly.  You’ll feel better and look better too.

Read something uplifting. Deep-six the trash.  You wouldn’t eat garbage why put it in your head?

The sure way to have a friend is to be one.

Laugh the loudest when the joke is on you.

When you feel your temper is reaching the boiling point, ask yourself, “will it matter a week from today.”

Find time to be kind and thoughtful.  All of us have to the same allotment 24 hours a day.  Give a compliment.  Forgive an injustice.  Listen more. Be kind.

Vow not to make a promise you don’t believe you can keep.  Pay a debt.  Give a soft answer.  Free yourself from envy and malice.

Call up a neglected friend.

Add your own resolution which you are pretty sure will be acceptable.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody could get at least three hugs a day?

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