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Moving to Fort Carson? Now What???

Moving to Fort Carson? Now What???

Let’s get to know Fort Carson as a whole.  Fort Carson is 137,000-acres (8.7 square miles) and is located in unincorporated El Paso County, Colorado, close to Colorado Springs and Pueblo.  Camp Carson began in 1942 and was named after “Kit” Carson, Army Scout.  They designated it “Fort Carson” in 1954.  The mountains and beautiful scenery is what makes Fort Carson one of the top requested bases.  Fort Carson is the home to the following Units/Organizations (These items were taken off the Fort Carson Military website. And have links to their respected Units/Organizations):

4th Infantry Division

440th CABN

4th Engineer BN

627th HC

10th SFG (A)

13th ASOS

71st Ordnance

423rd Trans CO

743rd MI BN

759th MP BN


Let’s get to the fun part.  When your soldier reports into Fort Carson they go into “reception”.  There you will sign in and get a packet full of information.  They will be given their room assignment and check into the barracks.  They do a room inventory and make sure if something is broken they have a form to fill out.  Once they are done, they take it back to Reception (across the street) and get their meal card.  They will then have a room inspection the next morning bright and early and start the “in-processing” process.  They will be briefed for a week and then join their units.  These barracks during in-processing will be a suite.  Its 2 bedrooms with bunkbeds and you have a very tiny kitchen and space to sit and eat with a bathroom. (Pictures to come). FIRST thing your soldier should look at getting is Internet/Wifi and a PO Box.  The PO Box makes getting mail a little faster from what I’ve been told by some soldiers.  Sad, but make sure they have a roll or two of toilet paper with them when they check in.  This isn’t supplied now.

Once they are picked up by their unit they will move into their permanent barracks (until they deploy).  This is a little better.  It’s a 2 room suite with a bedroom to yourself.  It’s amazing at how nice they are. (realize I’ve seen only one or two barracks rooms so I’m not sure what each one really looks like.

As a mom, I have learned what your soldier will need when moving onto base.  In reception your soldier will be given sheets/pillow/blankets.  This is all they will need right away.  They have a meal card for food – USE IT!  Once they are moved to their permanent barracks your soldier will need bedding including a pillow, if they like to cook, they should have a small pot, frying pan, plate, bowl, cup, and silverware.  There will be times your soldier will want a midnight snack and it will be useful to have something there.

Here is an on-going list of things your soldier will need when getting to base:

  • Internet (Wi-Fi) My son uses Boingo.
  • PO Box (not necessary but is an extra fee)
  • Dishes
  • Cookware
  • Bedding (sheets, pillow, pillowcases, comforter).
  • Toilet Paper (this is needed almost immediately!)
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Broom/Dust pan
  • Shower Curtain
  • Electric Skillet

Here’s a list of things people wish they knew about Fort Carson:

  • It is a big base.  Things aren’t as close as you wish they were
  • Drink LOTS of water
  • Chapstick is always a good choice


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